The helpful debit card
for everybody

A card in your wallet that's
inclusive, reliable, and smart

The future of money

Africa is shamelessly unbanked. When we look at the current state of financial services, we see systems that are too rigid and not fit for purpose.

Our vision is to create the most helpful digital money account. Ever. An account unique to your needs today and in the future. An account that makes it easy to understand where and how money is going. An account that automatically categorises your spending and gives you the data you need to make informed decisions.

This is your helpful account.

Zazu app

  • Control Centre - instant updates
  • Smart Budgeting - see how you spend money
  • Keep your money safe - control your card
  • 21st Century Support
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Zazu card

  • Prepaid - spend what you load
  • Instant freeze - if you can't find your card
  • Shop for goods/services online
  • 21st Century Security features
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* Zazu card works everywhere with a swipe (point of sale) or ATM machines. So you can use in Kitwe, Lusaka, or just about anywhere around the world.

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