Zazu is simple to use

1. Order

Download the app, register and order your card. We print the card, and send it to you.

2. Load

Top up your Zazu account with your existing credit or debit card, and get ready to access all of the features of a cutting edge digital only account.

3. Activate

Once the card is in your hands, you just activate it by following the instructions provided.

4. Use

Once activated, the Zazu card can be used at 44 million locations in over 220 countries worldwide.

5. Manage

The Zazu App works on both iOS and Android. You can set spending goals, see where you are spending your money and know exactly how much is left on your card, right from the app..

How do I join Zazu?

First of all, you need to order the card through the app. Once you order your card, we verify your identity and get printing your card. Here are a few things you need to use Zazu:

  • An email address
  • An iOS or Android phone

How do I load money onto the card?

If you hold an existing account elsewhere, you can load money directly from your other cards. Over time, we will introduce other ways for money to be added to your Zazu Card - for example, cash deposits at participating retailers, Zoona, MTN, Airtel wallets or buying Zazu vouchers from distributors.

Why should I use Zazu?

We want to help you better understand where your money goes

  • As it's prepaid, you can never spend more than is loaded, so you can never go overdrawn.
  • We give you a free feature packed app with instant transaction and balance alerts.
  • Send and receive money from friends in seconds.
  • When you spend money it's instantly taken from your Zazu Card – avoiding balance surprises at the end of the month.

Who is Zazu for?

The Zazu Card is designed for everyone who wants a simpler and more transparent way to experience and manage their expenses.

Our only restrictions are: to be at least 18 years old, and to have a smartphone compatible with our Android applications (version 4 or higher), iOS (version 9 or higher) or Windows Phone (version 8.1 or higher).

Why do I need a smartphone?

In order to build the digital account of the future, we have designed Zazu to be as simple and safe as possible. This is only feasible using some features like the camera of a smartphone. Other interesting features, such as real-time monitoring of your expenses and your limit, are only possible through this type of device.

We are changing money in Africa forever.

Join us.

* Launching early 2018