Who are we?

Our Story

Working for DfID in Zimbabwe, founder Perseus Mlambo sought to understand how technology could be used to simplify the lives of everyone in Africa. That quest for simple technology with mass appeal, is present today in everything Zazu does. We are building a digital-only money account that allows people to make informed decisions about their money. Because that is the only way to live better lives.

Being Helpful

A financial product that’s understandable, regardless of education. Accessible, no matter where you live. And reliable, because you’re trusting it with your money.

And we’re doing it with total transparency – instant spending notifications, helpful tips, and fast and friendly support at every turn.

Our Team

Our Team

Perseus Mlambo, Founder & CEO

Perseus is the CEO and founder of Zazu. He previously worked in the Ethics Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, Riders for Health and Barclays Wealth. Perseus believes that the future we all want for Africa, can only happen if we figure out how to make everyone’s money go further. That means making sure that people know which financial products are good or bad for them. Giving people a simple way to manage their finances and removing the things we all hate about the current systems on finance.

Adam Farah, Founder & CTO

Adam is the CTO and Co-Founder of Zazu. Adam has been involved in the financial services industry for years before Zazu, ensuring that systems and models are running efficiently for over 30m customers. Adam has visions for a world where performing complex financial actions can be as simple as a few taps on a phone screen, and where people are empowered to make their own financial destiny.

Alessandra Martini, Founder & COO

Born in Italy, Alessandra completed a BA in International Relations at the University of Leeds and an MSc in African Development at the London School of Economics. She is a keen problem solver, a natural fit in the Chief Operations Officer role. Much of her work is on the “back of the business”, making sure that things run smoothly.

Zazu Community

This is where Zazu community come to chat about all things Zazu and fintech in Africa. From everyday tips and tricks, to exciting new ideas, this is where it all happens 🎉

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